Compulsive meets impulsive

After the shock of being confronted by my mother for not shaking the snake enough to satisfy her need for the marble floor of her guest bathroom to look more like the marble at the Palace of Versailles, all I could do was to fantasize my escape.

I immediately went to the JetBlue site but found nothing I could afford. Then, my favorite redheaded step-child Josh suggested I try Virgin America for my getaway.

Yes! I booked a flight to Los Angeles for that Friday, just 2 days away, on the second Friday of December. Got my best friend in LA on the phone to set up my airport pickup and to arrange to crash at his place. This was looking good. And, according to Josh I’d be flying there in luxury on Virgin’s near-virgin fleet.

There’d be hip electronica playing in the cabin with intense Virgin Red mood lighting that, like club lighting, makes everyone look good. Considering I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown, all this sounded pretty enticing.


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