Jews and Koreans

They’re oddly compatible. My brother married one. In fact many Jews think that Koreans are descendents of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

I mentioned this to my sister-in-law who corrected me. According to her Jews are descendents of the Ten Lost Tribes of Korea.

Lost Tribe of Korea?

  • I love my Korean brothers and sistahs! Jews and Koreans think and act very much alike. And, as you know Jaffe, my partner is Korean!

  • Hey Alan, maybe I can start advertising for a Korean boyfriend myself. In fact you might want to change the title of the blog to, and it could be a “space” for Jews and Koreans to meet, fall in love and then complain about each other. You know, narrow the focus and corner the market.

  • jae0310

    I'm a korean violinist and I have admired jewish people ever since I was a kid. Jewish people have contributed so much beauty to this world. My BIG all time favorite jew is Jascha Heifetz. I feel korean and jewish temperament is very similar. Whenever I hear jewish musicians play I feel right at “home”.

  • not lost tribes of Israel more like descendants of Joktan
    West Hebrews=Israel
    East Hebrews=Korea