Walmart Hates Jews

Well at least Shoprite got it right…

They decided not to break out the birthday hats, horns and barbed wire and resisted the call of the Fatherland to wish a happy birthday to New Jersey’s own Baby Hitler. Walmart, however, showed their anti-Semitic roots by supplying the baby Brown Shirt and his parents with the Nazi-fied birthday treat. Unlike Shoprite, Walmart jumped to the chance to inscribe the cake to Adolf Hitler Campbell. WTF?? Wal-Mart Store

Well actually, it’s not that much of a surprise. Wallmart really hates us.

First they run their “Merry Christmas” assault on Jewish shoppers (and we do shop!). “Happy Holidays,” the inclusive seasonal wish, used comfortably for decades, is simply not Christian enough for Walmart. They see it, as do the Fox ‘News’ crew as an “assault on Christmas.” Hey idiots, it’s not an assault. It’s just that JEWS DON’T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, assholes!!

Walmart just has a thing for Nazis. They once sold tee shirts with Nazi symbolism emblazoned upon them. Strange. Walmart censors CD’s and DVD’s with adult content yet they sell tee shirts with Nazi shit on them? Do they really think that the Jewish community will lay down and take this? Don’t think you can fool us just because you’re selling shirts wholesale!

So go ahead Walmart. Ignore Chanukah. Sell Nazi tee shirts. And, by all means, decorate cakes for Adolf Hitler. But rest assured, we will not take your shit!

It’s simple: Walmart Hates Jews! (Oh, I now have the domain I welcome your opinions on how we can use the site to embarrass Walmart!)

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow weigh in:


  • Oh, and I forgot to mention Walmart’s slave labor policies, union busting practices an their lack of healthcare for their workers!

  • Wildtamtam

    i thought wallmart was antisemetic. so i googled it. im so glad i did. first i went to buy chanuka candles one year. all the xmas crap they had and onley one small shelf 3x4ft if that was all they had. no candles just happy holliday banners and 1 happy chanuka banner. then my girlfriend was looking for a jewish star for me and noticed they had plenty of croses so she asked if there were any jewish stars. the woman replied “we dont sell those here!” i had no idea wallmart sold nazi shit and jewish stars were so offensive to them. we already know wallmart hates gays so i guess this lesbian jew needs to shop somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ym37tech

    Good, I can’t wait to shoot one you Khazarian Pigs with a gun I bought from Wal-Mart.  If you’re a semite, I’m a chinese jet pilot.

  • animejew

    I’m an observant Jew and I work at Walmart. I have never once been discrimanted against in any way at work. Everyone I work with is super cool about me wearing a kippah. Once in a while I will get a black customer hassling me about it, but that’s about it.