Kimchi for thought: Koreans are just like Jews…

Sure, everyone knows about the affinity between the Jews and Chinese. Jews are practically raised on Chinese food, practicing a decades-long tradition of flocking to Chinese restaurants each and every Sunday night and, of course, on Christmas eve. In fact, I believe there is a Hebrew prayer said over the egg roll.

Like to the Jews, food is very important to the Chinese. Other cultural similarities exist too: an emphasis on education, parental pressure to succeed and having a mind for business. Some would even say the Chinese are cheap. Cheaper than the Jews.



However, what’s not common knowledge among the Jewish people is our similarity to the Koreans. They too share our food = love dysfunction and value education to the point that they too inflict excruciating pressure on their young to succeed. Korean Americans are upwardly mobile and will generally stop at nothing to prove it.  


As my old friend Wahn, a Korean American, told me (he grew up in the mixed Korean and Jewish community of Short Hills, New Jersey):

“Koreans are just like Jews, but without the sense of humor.”

That statement just made me shudder. According to Wahn, Koreans are, apparently, even more Jewish than Jews.

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  • Brian

    Hmm what would a Korean American kid know? Obviously he was an outcast among Koreans who spoke both languages fluently while he hanged out mostly with white people.

  • mimi

    I agree with your friend’s observations.  I’m Korean-Canadian, and I see a lot of similarities between the cultures – over bearing mothers, dramatic & hard working.  The only point I disagree with your friend about is what he said about Koreans without a sense of humour – alot of them do!  Margaret Cho!  Shall I say more?  Also, I find that I get along with Jewish people well – they just get me…