IM status. Why bother.

I keep iChat open all day long. I use an Away Message, usually “Working” to let people know that I’m, well working. It’s supposed to keep the casual chatter at bay, keeping me from receiving needless interruptions. Does it work? No. It seems like it’s just an invitation for people to IM me with messages like “Hey” and “Hi.” It is, for the most part, those multitasking kids that are the worst offenders. What is not to understand about an Away Message? It seems self explanatory to me. But who knows…


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Enough with the Holidays Already!

Halloween wasn’t even over before I started seeing Holiday ads (or as Wal-mart calls it “Christmas”) on TV. Enough already! Does anyone start their shopping this early in the season? No! They wait until the last minute like every year! We all know this yet this early proliferation of holiday ads continues. And all that means is that our narcissistic, I-am-what-I-buy culture is  being thrust into a maddening season of mass desperation and depression.

And, as I said to my friend Jim — a fellow Jew — enough with the silly gifts too! I don’t want them and quite frankly, getting presents during the holiday season is nothing more than an imposition. It also obligates me to fall to the out-of-control depths of American consumerism and that’s not right. Like we need an excuse to buy things? Our culture’s answer to everything — even terrorism — is to spend. New Yorkers remember but the fools in the middle of our country (that’s practically everyone!) that Giuliani’s answer to the destruction of the Twin Towers was, “Shop.” So enough with the holidays already!