Happy New Year! Now worry.

I know you are probably still completely exhausted from kvetching about how awful 2008 was, and I’m sure you are sick of hearing how 2009 couldn’t be worse. But it can. And here’s how: The Life Expectancy Calculator (thanks Capettawitz!).

There’s no time like the present to worry about the future. So take this opportunity to plot the age at which you may, well, expire.

According to Peter Russell’s Website, The Spirit of Now, “your Virtual Age is a reflection of your health and vitality. The lower your Virtual Age the better shape you are in. It is used to calculate the Life Expectancy of someone of your current physical age.”

So try it out. See how long you may live.

Virtual Age Calculator Created by Poodwaddle.com


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Tech Overload Won’t Slow Me Down (instead I’ll jiust kvetch)

Posting this from my iPhone 3G at 3:00 in the morning. No wonder I’m such a grouch lately in this suburb that goes to sleep too early. They call it the city of Los Angeles but it’s not a city by my definition.

More on that later.

Oh, and to the schmuck on eBay that committed to buy my 1st generation iPhone and then flaked: Screw you!!

I guess I’ll need to re-list…