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November 30th, -0001
  • This post was inspired by my parent's visit to Los Angeles.

  • The director's cut of “Jews On A Plane” will no doubt have commentary from writer Larry Silverman, but until then here is his answer to the question, “What inspired you to write this?”

    According to Larry, “Someone facetiously suggested this as a movie idea. So, I decided to get working on the script immediately.”

  • Kent Victor Schuelke

    You better not try to Jew me out of any of the film's profits.

    Signed your goy pal,


  • Oy. Dear sweet Kent.

    We don't use the term “Jew me out of…” any more. However, I posted your comment to make that point and to drive it home for our readers.

    Plus, now I have a reason to not include you in any of the film's profits. (Notice I DID NOT say, “…now I have a reason to 'Jew you out of' any of the film's profits.”)

    • Kent Victor Schuelke

      Hahahahahaahaha…Yes, I knew the term “Jew me out of…” was not a polite term, nor one I would say publicly where someone would misunderstand and think that I meant it. The show “Family Guy” had its protagonist Peter attending a Temple and trying to pass as a Hasidic Jew and he makes the remark, “I tried to 'us' them down…” So, since “Family Guy” got away with the joke, I thought I'd see if it would pass muster on But for the record, no one should ever use this phrase. My gentile mother used to say this phrase, and not ironically as I used it. But this white old lady from Iowa now has Jewish women friends (with whom she plays Bridge) and she no longer utters anti-Semitic remarks!

      • Kent all is forgiven! You are nothing less than a mensch!

  • momsiejs

    Mr Klein, please allow me the opportunity to share some information here that may help. Tucks were not originally designed as a perineal/anal cleansing pad. They are an astringent pad designed to be “tucked” against tender external hemorrhoids and are often used by women after childbirth (NEVER inserted vaginally), but again, “tucked” against a bruised, torn or stitched perineum and left in place for an hour or so. The astringent allows a soothing (and very slight vasoconstrictive effect), to help shrink swelling associated with both hemorrhoids and/or with perineal trauma. They are kept small to avoid bulk/pressure against those tender areas. They can be used as wipes after urinating or bowel movements–but at your own risk of “finger slippage”, I guess! I too would suggest the use of Cottonelle wipes for this purpose -thickest and biggest wipes out there, with the bonus of flushability, and breaks down to decrease impact on the environment. One thing I DO agree with you on, however. Pfizer charges WAY too much for their brand name—these can be purchased as generic “Witch Hazel” pads that are far less expensive! Hope this helps! signed–love Jews (and well-informed healthcare!)

    • I like the way you think! I LOVE Cottonelle wipes. Great product and hard to beat for coverage size (no finger slippage there!), just the right amount of moistness (I hate the word moist) and its cottony gentle feel. In fact, I just purchased Scott's moist (yuck) wipes and they really are inferior to the Cadillac of moist wipes, Contonelle!

      Also, thanks for the oh-so-detailed look at how to correctly use those wet little buggers we like to call Tucks!

      • guest

        For a cheap and easy “at home” way to solve both your problems, I buy and keep a box of Huggies brand baby wipes (why pay the extra for Huggies brand you ask? Because I like their brand….after 3 kids, 2 grandkids and my own desire to be uber clean down there, I’ve found them to be the best) I take out several of the wipes and let them dry out. They will still keep their moisturizers in the wipe and when rehydrated they will help. Then I keep a bottle of cheap witch hazel by the box of wipes. First step, wipe with toilet paper, step 2, wipe with a Huggies wet wipe to get off the “excess” left over from the TP, step 3, tear one of the dried wipes in two pieces and put 1 back with your stash of dried wipes. Take the other wipe and fold it up into a small square and make it damp from the witch hazel. Unfold until it’s just about the size of a playing card. “tuck” it into your, for lack of other words, crack against your hemorrhoid and let it marinate for about an hour before discarding it. Now, for the “on the go” you’ll either need to prep them and keep them in a zip lock baggy (for a girl with a purse, no problem at all, for a guy probably a little more cumbersome) or just go buy the dang pre-packaged one’s!

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  • lauren

    sweaty pimple crotch….by far.

  • honoraryjew

    it's a few years ago, buuuuut:

    it's in the water!

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  • jae0310

    I'm a korean violinist and I have admired jewish people ever since I was a kid. Jewish people have contributed so much beauty to this world. My BIG all time favorite jew is Jascha Heifetz. I feel korean and jewish temperament is very similar. Whenever I hear jewish musicians play I feel right at “home”.

  • philipverderosa

    I use Tucks and like the small size because of the ease of carrying. In fact many years ago they gave away as a free bonus a small plastic carrying case which comes in handy. I still have one but would love to find another. Do you or anyone you have been in contact with have one. I would like to buy it. No I'm not Jewish but an excessively clean Italian.

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  • doowopman50

    concerning the plastic carrying case. i had two of them and just lost my last one. i called tucks to see if you could still get them. no luck,it was a one time promo but the person i spoke to put it on a wish list that they have from people calling into them. maybe if enough people call in requesting them they'll make them again. it really comes in handy. also you might want to try the equate brand of pads at wallmart. ther'er the same and cheaper. other than the price i can't tell any difference between the equate brand and tucks. i'd also like to know where i can get a small on the go (travel case) for the pads other than waiting for tucks to make them again.

  • Wildtamtam

    i thought wallmart was antisemetic. so i googled it. im so glad i did. first i went to buy chanuka candles one year. all the xmas crap they had and onley one small shelf 3x4ft if that was all they had. no candles just happy holliday banners and 1 happy chanuka banner. then my girlfriend was looking for a jewish star for me and noticed they had plenty of croses so she asked if there were any jewish stars. the woman replied “we dont sell those here!” i had no idea wallmart sold nazi shit and jewish stars were so offensive to them. we already know wallmart hates gays so i guess this lesbian jew needs to shop somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • great article thanx. …,

  • Walterramjet

    OMG! way too much info LOL

  • It pays to know what you’re buying..and seems that natural methods are always safe and effective not to mention a lot cheaper.

  • peitr

    Baby, tucks aren’t for wiping, they are obviously too small.

  • Jennifer LaRue Huget recently tried the oatmeal at McDonald’s. Here’s her report, excerpted from The Checkup blog at . …

  • geeeeez

    Finger slippage….?…lol

  • Doggydoc

    Then don’t buy the frigging product and get a life.

  • Brian

    Hmm what would a Korean American kid know? Obviously he was an outcast among Koreans who spoke both languages fluently while he hanged out mostly with white people.

  • Elmo

    I’m not a Jew but I still love those old jokes.  And it’s terrific that you don’t have to put up with some jerk cursing and swearing and with a boulder on his shoulder.  Those old Borscht Belt comics put the crude modern day schmucks to shame.    

    • Jeftravis

      “Crude modern day schmucks”? Like who? These old jokes are “old” for a reason. They were cliched, crude in their own way, and generic examples of humor. And there were comics using what you call “crude” humor at the same time these cornball comedians were performing. Bruce started in the 50’s, Pryor and many others in the 60’s. Learn your history. There’s basically very little if anything pertinent, relevant, or insightful quality to these jokes. Where’s the social/political content? Where’s the sense of having to actually think to get the joke? Lenny Bruce was bashing the likes of Henny Youngman in his time; and rightfully so. It’s lame, insulting to women as much in its own way as most any current comedian, and trite. 

      • kermsroomy

        It must be tough being you.

  • gurx

    I too lost my last Tucks carrying case. I discovered, however, that Ice Breakers breath mints come in a container that is a perfect size for Tucks. I have been using one for over a year and though it is a bit thicker than the one provided by Tucks, it does the job just fine. (Plus there is the added benefit of having your tush minty fresh till the case loses it’s original scent)

  • not lost tribes of Israel more like descendants of Joktan
    West Hebrews=Israel
    East Hebrews=Korea

  • Yonashimel

    Sol bumps into Irving up in the Garment District, He says, ” Irv, I’m sorry to hear about the fire at your factory.”
    Irv says, “Shut-up ! The fire’s tonight ! “

  • Arnok

    Next Olympics will be held in Boro Park. I’ll bring the lox. Oy vey!

  • ym37tech

    Good, I can’t wait to shoot one you Khazarian Pigs with a gun I bought from Wal-Mart.  If you’re a semite, I’m a chinese jet pilot.

  • Benson

    I share your hatred. I even resent it when my lawn guy comes through and blows my yard.

  • mimi

    I agree with your friend’s observations.  I’m Korean-Canadian, and I see a lot of similarities between the cultures – over bearing mothers, dramatic & hard working.  The only point I disagree with your friend about is what he said about Koreans without a sense of humour – alot of them do!  Margaret Cho!  Shall I say more?  Also, I find that I get along with Jewish people well – they just get me…

  • Allansisson

    ,,,,your right about the blowers but you neglected a few other insane devices,,,,the weed whacker,,,,the power washer….loud motorcycles,,,all summer long,,,,,this ignorant ambient noise,,,,,

  • debraam

    to funny…I laughed my head off reading that

  • joshlipo

    This is fantastic!!

  • Abu Nudnik

    It’s competition for low prices. Leaf blowers do the job of making your client’s yard look good in much less time. (I was in landscaping for years)

  • Justin Robert Ray

    1,2,3… If this is so cheap to make then make them yourself.
    4. This product is viable for use on both areas as it treats strain on the vessels inside the wall of these orifices. Do a little research or are you so cheap you cant even pay attention long enough?
    5. Im not sure why you hate that word but if its because it sounds dirty then grow up. If its not then realize that this word is used correctly in order to describe the product.
    6. It drips like that by design. If you have a roid then the last thing any sane person wants to do is wipe with a dry piece of paper. Over moistened pads ensure avoidance of this issue.
    7. A little patience on your part would go a long way in ensuring that none go to waste. Take them apart if they come out in clumps. Seems like common sense.
    8. I dont know what you mean by tough jobs. if you mean that its not big enough to hold all the poo then read the instructions. Your supposed to clean the area with warm water and soap first. Then dry it and apply.
    9. Again if you get poo on your fingers from slippage then you didnt listen to what I said in number 8.
    10. Heres a thought. Dont apply when your sitting on the toilet. Stand up.Open the container first. Remove a pad. Close the container. Bend over and wipe with the pad. Jeez its like Im talking to a 2 year old who cant figure out how to wipe his own ass.

    Read a book. Ive eaten things smarter then you.

  • animejew

    I’m an observant Jew and I work at Walmart. I have never once been discrimanted against in any way at work. Everyone I work with is super cool about me wearing a kippah. Once in a while I will get a black customer hassling me about it, but that’s about it.

  • kermsroomy

    I was at the racetrack the other day. I had a horse so slow that the jockey kept a diary.