Brisket with a side of death

This I truly don’t understand.

I’m at Boders books on La Cienega right now. I’m looking at the bargain book rack. On that rack is a section for cookbooks for foods from all nations.

Sounds great, right?

Well think again. Next to the Jewish cookbook, featuring “130 delicious dishes” of the “greatest-ever” Jewish recipes is “The Holocaust Chronicles” –not the most appetizing of combinations!

So a Jewish cookbook and a book about The Holocaust should sit side-by-side?

This borders on major insensitivity and stupidity!

Jewish Section at Borders?

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  • grumpykorean

    Well it is better than a German cookbook next to the Hololcaust chronicle. And thank god it wasn’t in the “How To” section!

  • My guess is that the store employee who did this was an Iranian Holocaust denier who wanted to put all the Holocaust books in the fantasy section right next to the Harry Potter books.

    But seriously–what’s next? The Final Solution Cookbook written in German of course. Truth was, the nazis actually had manuals on how to gas Jews. It was something like. Remove jewelry. Fill oven. Turn on the gas. When screaming stops remove corpses. Repeat until all six million are gone.

    I know. I know. Not really funny. But the real horror of this image is that most people wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. We’re so used to mindless juxtapositions in the media–like Katie Couric interviewing Henry Kissinger and Anna Nicole Smith in the same show–this is just one more.