Words or phrases I hate

Just a quick post before I hit the hay in my sister’s basement (I will fill in the blanks later on how I got from my mother’s house, to LA, then back to New York and then back to the burbs in subsequent posts)…

There are words and phrases that just plain bother me and I wish people would just stop using them, at least around me.

I’m going to get this list going. Feel free to add your own:

  • Moist. It’s just plain disgusting unless used to describe cake.
  • Primordial Soup. Again, it’s just plain disgusting when used to describe, well, anything. Yes, even on the Discovery channel!

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  • tvlawyer

    I hate overused media cliches:

    “The fatally wounded victim was found in a pool of his own blood” Of course! Who else’s might it have been?

    “It was a carjacking gone terribly wrong” Do they ever go wonderfully right?

    “Witnesses said the airplane sputtered before crashing” I hate it when jets “sputter”

    “He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time” Is it possible for someone to be in the wrong place at the right time? What about the right place at the wrong time? Right place at the right time? How does one know which is which?

    “The child went missing” How does someone “go” missing? Either you’re missing, discovered to be missing, or were missing, in which case you’ve been found.

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