Jewish Photo of the Month (December 2008):

Picture: Adolf Hitler Campbell. Parents want his name in icing to adorn the child's birthday cake.

Happy birthday Hitler???? Anti-Semitic Walmart does it again. 

They really hate us Jews. First they run their "Merry Christmas" assault on Jewish shoppers (and we do shop!). This proves that Jews just don't count for Walmart. 

"Happy Holidays," the inclusive seasonal wish, is simply not Christian enough for Walmart. 


Then they sold tee shirts with Nazi symbolism emblazoned upon them. Walmart censors CD's and DVD's with adult content yet they sold tee shirts with Nazi crap printed on them?  

I guess the Walmart Brown Shirts were asleep at the wheel. 

Hey Walmart, don't think you can fool us just because you're selling those shirts wholesale! 

Now, for the icing on the Jew-hating cake: they decorate one for Adolf Hitler Campbell? OK you f*#ckers. It's a cake for Adolf Hitler. Do I really need to explain how offensive this is? I hear they toyed with doing a realistic backdrop on the cake depicting the genocide at Auschwitz. It was too complicated to replicate in icing, however. 

It's simple: Walmart Hates Jews! (Oh, I now have the domain 

See what MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have to say by clicking here.

Jewish Photos of the Week Archive:


Really??? A Jewish Cowboy. Who knew? 

This was taken, and I do mean taken, from a Pastor or Reverend (I really don't understand the difference. Do you?) or your run-of-the-mill 'G-d fearin' Christian's' blog. 

Really. Don't believe me? Here's the little Pesach ditty by Jewish Texan Harold Stern, The Jewish Cowboy: Link to MP3 version.


This device speaks for itself.

Circumcision Toolkit, 18th c.

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